FriXion Ball Point Pen in Black or Red

$ 3.00 USD $ 3.95


I love these pens for transferring embroidery designs, and they are also great for marking trim lines on your blocks. 

Simply write on your fabric, stitch, trim, etc., and when you’re done, apply heat with an iron or clothes dryer, and the marks disappear!!
Note- The marks will REAPPEAR if you apply cold. So, we do not suggest using these for “show” quilts, etc. We’ve heard stories of quilts being disqualified from competition because the marks re-appeared when they got too cold during transit.

I also LOVE these for making notes, writing in my planner, etc. because you can easily “erase” your marks with the rubber end of the pen. Perfect if you are like me and make lots of “goofs” when you are writing!