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Fruitful Hands Book

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There was a time when the fruit of one's hands was a necessity to keep our families clothed and fed. Today, we don't have to accomplish any of these tasks ourselves, unless we want to. And many of us do want to achieve a feeling of accomplishment by using our creative spirits to express ourselves through  our home and other items that offer comfort to family and friends. By using the gifts and skills that God gave us to make the world a more beautiful place, we can connect with other people and at the same time, allow our inner self to grow through experiences.

Fruitful Hands offers a variety of projects for both machine sewing and hand stitching, and a yummy recipe that is "family approved" accompanies each project. Includes 14 projects - from the "Citrus Peel Quilt," to the "Cheery Cherry Punchneedle Pillow," to the "Heartfelt Home Floor Mat." Indulge your appetite with "Pineapple Bread Pudding," "Blueberry Chutney," and "BLT Macaroni & Cheese Cups."

So put a pan in the oven or a pot on the stove and take time to let your creative self glow. Fruitful Hands promises to satisfy your creative urges in many ways.

8 1/2 x 11 inches, 88 pages, full-color, softcover. Autographed. If you would like it inscribed to a particular person, please include that in the customer notes area.

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