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Jolly Holiday Sweaters Collection (Digital)

  • $ 1500

This DIGITAL pattern collection contains:

  • 6 different embroidery designs of cute Holiday Sweaters, each in 4" AND 8" sizes.
  • Color guide for the embroidery designs.
  • Instructions for 2 projects- a candle mat and a mug rug/mini wall hanging.
  • Printable gift tags that you can color and use for gift giving.

These embroidery designs use simple stitches - Backstitch, French Knot, Chain Stitch, and Satin Stitch.  Check out our FREE Embroidery Video Tutorials by clicking here.

This is a digital product which you can download and print out, you will not receive a printed pattern in the mail.  The digital product downloads as a ZIP file that includes individual PDF files for printing.

Need hand embroidery supplies? We've got these:


Lightweight Fusible Interfacing


Embroidery Floss

Hummingbird Needle Threader

Metal Needle Threader

This is a critical time in our country and the world! Many are suffering. 100% of the sales price of this product will be donated to Hunger Relief! (We will absorb all credit card and PayPal processing fees.)

Here's a little more "backstory" on this product:

It's no secret that this has been an extremely difficult year for all of us. The anxiety and uncertainty of it all has taken a toll on each and every one of us.

But beyond the uncertainty of what the next few months might hold, many many are facing food insecurity every single day. I think about those who have lost their jobs due to the shutdowns, and can't provide for their families. I think about those who are in countries whose only industry is tourism... their economy has been decimated and their seems to be no hope or relief for them.

I have always found that when I am feeling really low, doing something good for someone else makes me feel better. For as the saying goes- When I do good, I feel good. No matter how low we feel or how terrible our situation, there is always someone else who has it even worse.

A month or so ago, I decided that I needed to do something to help. I happen to be a pattern designer, so I thought why not create a special pattern just for this cause!

This pattern is brand new and I created it especially for this fundraiser. As a long time partner with Convoy of Hope, all of our proceeds will be donated to their US and international feeding programs.

I've created Stitch to Stop Hunger- if this goes well, and we sell a lot of patterns, I'm hoping to make this an annual event.

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